Before and After 40 Pound Weight Loss

From Mexico Mishap to Major Makeover: My 40-Pound Weight Loss Journey Over 40

Honey, let me tell you about my weight loss journey. It all started with a reality check – a family vacation to Mexico and some less-than-flattering swimsuit photos. That's when I knew it was time for a body transformation.

Mexico Swim Suit Pic

Now, as a woman over 40, I'd dabbled in all the usual suspects: running, weights, trendy fitness classes. But the results were frustratingly slow. This time, I needed a different approach.

Instead of pushing myself to exhaustion, I focused on sustainable weight loss. I downloaded the Lose It app, started portion control like a boss, and became a pro at tracking calories. But the true game-changer was figuring out my fat-burning heart rate zone for walking. Paired with intermittent fasting, this combo had the pounds melting away effortlessly.

This wasn't just about the number on the scale, though. It was about mental discipline. Saying no to extra helpings, sticking to my walking routine even when Netflix was calling my name – it all added up to a newfound appreciation for my body. This is a journey, not a quick fix, and I'm still committed to getting stronger and healthier every day. Watch My Entire Story with Before and After pics Here!

How I Shed 40 Pounds Weight loss over 40


Weight loss after 40 can be tough, but it's absolutely possible. Speaking of possibilities, did you catch my It Girl Glow-Up Guide (both video and blog post)? Losing weight was a key part of feeling confident and fabulous, and that guide pulls back the curtain on my process.

Ready to kickstart your own glow-up? Here are some resources to help! First, check out the It Girl Glow-Up Guide video – it's packed with actionable tips. Plus, for those who want some extra motivation with their walks, I've got an amazing It Girl University Ultimate Planner on sale for just $4.99. It's a yearly tracker that includes a fitness tracker. It tracks meals, workouts, self care, business, daily to do's, vision board and SO MUCH More – your perfect glow-up companion!

This is my story, and I'm inviting you to write your own. Remember, change takes time, but every step (or ten thousand!) counts. Let's do this together!

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